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Julie Mercado

Julie Mercado

Julie’s journey in the dental field began with her graduation from Concord Career Institute in 2003, where she laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable career spanning over two decades. With a passion for patient care and a drive for excellence, Julie swiftly ascended from a dental assistant to a seasoned office manager, showcasing her versatility and leadership skills.

For the past 20 years, Julie has been an invaluable asset as a dental assistant, providing compassionate care and ensuring smooth operations within the office. Her dedication and attention to detail have earned her the trust and respect of both colleagues and patients alike.

In the last three years, Julie’s role expanded to encompass office management responsibilities, a testament to her exceptional organizational prowess and managerial acumen. Balancing the demands of administrative duties with patient care, she has effectively streamlined processes, optimized workflow, and fostered a cohesive team environment.

Julie’s commitment to her profession extends beyond the confines of the dental office. She takes immense pride in her work and finds fulfillment in providing quality care to her patients. Her genuine empathy and dedication have left a lasting impression on those she serves.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Julie cherishes the moments spent with her family. Whether it’s sharing laughter around the dinner table or embarking on new adventures together, she treasures these precious moments and draws strength from the love and support of her loved ones.

In summary, Julie’s extensive experience, coupled with her unwavering dedication to patient care and office management, exemplifies her as a seasoned professional in the dental field. With her passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence, she continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those around her, both in and out of the office.